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Subterranean Termites


    Social Insects
    Three Castes
    Reproductives- Swarmers
    Have a pair of equally sized wings
    Wings break off after swarming
    Dark brown to almost black
    3/8 inch long
    Wings are brownish gray with few hairs
    White bodies
    Rectangular yellow brown heads (2x longer than their width)
    Large mandibles which lack teeth

    Colonies are usually located in soil from which the workers build mud tubes to structural wood where they feed.
    Colonies are always connected to the soil and/or close to a moisture source
    Swarms usually occur in the mornings after a warm rain
    A male and female that have swarmed from an established colony lose their wings and seek a dark cavity which they mate and raise their first group of workers
    The soldiers are produces as the colony increases in size, are responsible for repelling invading antsa and other predators.

    Queen produces 5,000 to 10,000 eggs per year
    An average colony consist of 60,000 to 250, 000 individuals
    A queen may live up to 30 years
    Workers may live up to 5 years