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•    Wingless, flat, carrot shaped
•    ½ inch long when fully grown
•    Covered with silvery scales
•    Has 3 long slender “antennae-like” appendages looks like a “bristle tail”
•    Feed on paper products

•    Female
o    Lays 1-3 eggs per day in crevices or under objects
    Eggs hatch in around 43 days
    The young become adults in 3-4 months
o    Female molts after laying a batch of eggs
o    Sheds skin as many times as 50 times after becoming an adult
•    Live at least 3 years
o    Can survive for weeks without food or water

Prevention Tips/Treatment Methods:
•    Reducing moisture and lowering the temperature, and removing infested items will help eliminate localized problems.
•    Sanitation
•    Treatment include:
o    Bait, sprays, dust
•    Treatment Areas:
o    Wall voids, cracks and crevices